Where does a groundbreaking scientist, physicist, and theorist—a Nobel Prize winner for his special theory of relativity—go when he needs some much-needed downtime?

Right here to Saranac Lake.

Einstein first came to Saranac Lake the summers of 1936 and 1937 seeking the relaxing solitude of lake life. Throughout the late 30s and early 40s, the world-famous scientist became reliable sight out on Lake Flower, as well as a well-known friendly face in town. 

Here, he found peace and tranquility to match his passionate love of sailing—a passion only slightly tempered by his reported inability to swim. Einstein even earned something of a local reputation for his dedication to sailing the lakes, even in the face of storms… and even after having to be rescued from the water by locals (several times, according to some!)

It was here on our lakes that Einstein could truly relax in a welcoming and serene environment, and to escape from the turmoil of World War II. He was in his kitchen at Knollwood’s Cottage 6 when the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, and hearing of the event on the radio elicited this quote to a reporter of the Albany Times Union: "In developing atomic or nuclear energy, science did not draw upon supernatural strength, but merely imitated the reaction of the sun's rays. Atomic power is no more unnatural than when I sail my boat on Saranac Lake."

Einstein hosted many famed and well-known visitors during his stays here in Saranac Lake, and his legacy lives on in the history and the stories of our local culture.

Want to gain a little of your own inspiration like Einstein? Plan your stay here at Hotel Saranac and see for yourself what the famous physicist saw in our lakes and the local area.

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Even the famed scientist needed a break once in a while. Come see why our lakes were his favorite place to relax.