Next time you stop by our historic Great Hall for a craft cocktail or a plate of hors d'oeuvres with friends, you might just find your eyes drawn somewhere you didn’t expect:


Take a closer look at the historic ceiling above our Great Hall Bar and you’ll notice there’s a rich story hidden in the finer details.

Designed to evoke the style of Gilded Age speakeasies, the Great Hall features a fine wooden ceiling that spans across the entire length of the room—an original feature of our historic hotel, first constructed in 1927 and newly-reborn after months of painstaking restoration.

This historic ceiling is supported across the length of the room by commanding wooden beams, inspired by the ceiling of the famed Palazzo Davanzati in Florence, Italy.

But while the shape and materials of these beams may be Italian-inspired to offer that feeling of rustic Gatsby-era elegance, a closer inspection shows there’s a much more local feeling infused into the story.

At key points across the Great Hall, these wooden beams culminate in fully-rebuilt corbels, each painted with a unique crest that reflects our local heritage and history. Take a closer look and you’ll see scenes evoking the ice palace, speed skating, our local flora, and other local landmarks.

Together with our inviting atmosphere and modern decor, this historic ceiling adds a unique touch to any visit to the Great Hall Bar—and a story worthy of exploring next time you settle in for a signature Negroni.

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Grab a Negroni and examine our historic Palazzo-style ceiling—just like true Gilded-Age royalty.
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